Empathy and curiosity

At Qurio we specialise in helping you, your family, your team and your organisation/community become the best version of yourself. This includes you as a whole person – your professional life and your personal life.

In all things we have the intention of being kind, we try to understand where others are and what they might need.

We remain endlessly curious about how we and others show up in the world and we belive that we are doing the best we can.  If at times we are not at our best, and it happens to us all, we can try and understand why that might be and adapt it for diferent situations.

This is where Qurio comes in

We do this by offering unique on line resources and experiences to enable you to start the journey to what you desire.

Qurio Circles
Qurio Circles

We are Qurio

It's lovely to meet you

We’re here to share our knowledge, our experiences, and our community to create a world where we’re all happier, freer, and more inclusive.

We are wonderful warm people who have huge amounts of experience that we feel that if we knew when we were younger we may have made different choices – not that we have any regrets.

We can help you to understand and broaden your curiousity in many different areas.  Have a look at the Qurio Topics, Qurio Resources and Qurio Experinces for an idea of the kid of things that we cover.  Please let us know qurious@qurio.me of any topics you would like us to explore

We are the home of endless curiosity, and we welcome you to explore yours.

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You are entitled to access all of our free resources, and we actively encourage you to do so. A standard membership gives you access to even more of our insightful resources, and you’ll also be able to attend and download our experiences, letting you learn how to embrace yourself, your qualities, and your potential. Advanced membership is for when you’re ready to take yourself and your profession to the next level. Get exclusive access to all of our resources and experiences, plus, the opportunity to speak directly with our founder, Michael Thorley, among other experts for guidance, mentoring, support and connection.