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Qurio Circles
Qurio Circles

Qurio Resources and Qurio Experiences Enable Change

Being Qurious leads you to the best experience of yourself

Our aim is that we will create a community of Quriosity and learning where we discover something new each time we visit.

New might not always be easy.

Because easy is not usually new.

As time passes we will keep adding to the Qurio Resources and Qurio Experiences based on what  you tell us you want or need, Join our Facebook Group.


Qurio Background

What is a Qurio Experience?

These are paid for events that creates a sense of excitement, Ah-ha and insight!!

They stimulate and build Quriosity. They equip you, your organisations and your community to be the best that it can be by learning about and practising with new Qurio Experiences.

They are always practical in approach and offer a deeper insight into a subject area that is linked to a topic (see below).

An example is “Giving and receiving  feedback”. This is a one hour interactive on line experience with very skilled and experienced facilitators.

An experience may be “one off” or part of a series. They are available for Standard Members only or Advanced Members only.

What is a resource?

A resource – something “short and sweet” free to access that is of practical use. It usually helps you to grow into an experience!! An example might be  “Go for a Walk”.

Qurio Background
Qurio Background

Free stuff and paid stuff (what is the difference?)

We want as many people as possible to access and co-create the stuff in this website. We believe in providing access that is largely affordable to most people.

We charge different prices for different things to cover the costs of providing those experiences. We add a little bit extra so that we can also pay our bills.

Some costs are much higher than others which reflects the years of experience that it has taken to put those experiences together, in ths case we charge a higher price

One off payment or 3 month subscription?

We charge either by the experience or offer a 3 month subscription service.  Take a look at what is on offfer and see which one is best for you.

Standard membership or advanced membership?

The difference here is what you are able to access and the complexity of the experiences being offered. It is usualy true that an experience that is labelled “Advanced” it will build on earlier resources and standard experiences. Advaned members can access all of the content on the website.


Qurio Background

What is a Qurio Topic?

A Topic is anything that you are Qurious about. If you knew just a little bit more something would change for you and for others. You would become “more” thatn you might be now.

Imagine you are looking out of the window and thinking…I wonder what would be different if? You might also be thinking that this or that situation is impossible.  Can you name what that impossible situation is?


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